Custom Orthotics vs Over the Counter Insoles

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This is the final installment of Eddy’s three-part series answering some of the most asked questions about custom orthotics.

Eddy is an Orthotics Consultant at Banchory Spinal Health, helping patients who are experiencing pain or discomfort originating from the foot and lower limb, those who are looking to improve their walking or running technique, or those who need extra support.

So what makes a custom orthotic different to an over-the-counter insole?

Custom orthotics are bespoke made to the patient’s measurements, following a foot scan that is taken by our in-house Orthotics Consultants and custom-made to suit the patient’s exact needs and requirements. Our orthotics are prescribed following a consultation and assessment with Eddy and designed to help correct or support the issues – similarly to a pair of glasses prescribed by an optician!

Over-the-counter insoles can unfortunately cause further issues rather than resolve foot problems as they are not designed to address a specific issue and can create further imbalances.

How can Banchory Spinal Health Help?

If you would like to find out if custom orthotics are right for you, then please get in touch! We will gladly arrange a consultation with Eddy for a full assessment and establish if custom orthotics are right for you – if not then we will recommend alternative options that our team can help with.

Book an appointment online, or call 01330 824040 to arrange an appointment.

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