Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy


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Pregnancy Doesn't Have to be Painful!

You might think a few aches of pains during pregnancy are just all part and parcel of growing a baby, but for some mums to be, this pain becomes too much to bear and even simple tasks like walking or sitting on the floor feel almost impossible.

At Banchory Spinal Health we've built a fantastic reputation of helping women during pregnancy, helping relieve pregnancy-related pain and keeping them mobile for the full 9 months as well as ensuring the hips and pelvis are functioning optimally in preparation for labour.

Our e-Book shares some of our top tips to help keep you feeling at your best during pregnancy!


Chiropractic and osteopathic treatment is perfectly safe throughout all stages of pregnancy and your treatment will be tailored to you and your needs. We have various ways of accommodating a growing bump and ensuring you stay as comfortable as possible during your adjustments.

Give the clinic a call on 01330 824040 or book an appointment via our Online Appointment Booking form. If you are pregnant, please select our New Patient Consultation specifically for pregnant patients.