Should I have Chiro/Osteo and Massage?

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We are extremely lucky to have such a knowledgeable team of both Chiro/Osteos and Massage therapists who both work together in making sure that you are receiving the best possible care.

It can be difficult to decide which treatment would be best when you are in pain and we often get asked if it okay to see both Chiro/Osteo and Massage.

In this video, our Osteopath Churchill, lets us know the benefits of having both massage and Chiro/Osteo treatment and when is best to start incorporating both into your treatment plan.

Chiro/Osteo and Massage are a match made in heaven and can really help a patient along in their recovery.

If you are unsure what service would be best for you, have a chat with your practitioner at your next appointment and they will advise from there. If you are new to the clinic, give us a call on 01330 824040 or click here to book an appointment.