What is a Sports Massage?

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One of the treatments that you may likely be referred to at our clinic as part of a prescribed care plan is a Sports Massage. But what is this exactly? And do you need to be an athlete or “sporty” to have a Sports Massage?!

In the video below our Sports Massage Therapist Jareth answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Sports Massage and explains what a Sports Massage might entail.

What is a Sports Massage?

A Sports Massage corrects any problems or imbalances in the soft tissue through manual manipulation. This differs from a Swedish massage by using more pressure and focusing on specific areas of the body that need treatment.

Is Sports Massage Just For Athletes?

No! Sports Massage offers a wide variety of benefits that opens it up to EVERYONE, not just athletes. Sports Massage can help with recover from injury, provide pain relief, increases flexibility and can help prevent injury. Massage increases blood flow to injured tissue and helps healing time. Sports Massage Therapists will also often share exercises with patients that can help strengthen the muscle and prevent injury recurring.

What Other Benefits Can Sports Massage Bring?

Sports Massage can help aid sleep, improves posture, and can relieve the symptoms of headaches and back pain too.

We have a superstar team of Massage Therapists here at Banchory Spinal Health who not only offer Sports Massage, but Swedish, Indian Head and Hot Stone Massage too! You can book online, or for more information about our different massage services and to find out which one might be best for you, give the clinic a call on 01330 824040 and one of our team would be delighted to help!


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