What is the difference between Hot Stones Massage and Swedish Massage?

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We offer a range of massage services here at Banchory Spinal Health for our patients, and many of you will be referred to our Massage Therapy team as part of your treatment plan with us. Chiropractic/Osteopathy treatment and massage is a match made in heaven, with massage offering a number of additional benefits to patient recovery.

In the video below our Massage Therapist Emily explains the difference between a Swedish Massage and a Hot Stone Massage – both treatments we offer at the clinic.

Both treatments offer a relaxing way of releasing muscle tension and relieving stress, promoting relaxation and wellbeing. They are a super way to boost your immune system and deliver both physical as well as mental health benefits.

During a Swedish massage the therapist will use a variety of techniques to work on the superficial muscles in the body (as opposed to a Sports Massage which will focus on the connective tissue and is deeper and more intense). There are some specific techniques that make up a “true” Swedish massage and your therapist will use a variety of these to ensure you get the benefit you need.

Hot Stones massage is a technique that goes back thousands of years. Large, smooth basalt stones are warmed and used as a tool within the massage to bring heat deeper into the muscle and promote further relaxation. The Therapist will also use their hands to massage during this treatment, and may place stones on areas of the body to allow the heat to penetrate, whilst working on another area.

We would highly recommend either of these treatments to any of our patients at the clinic who are looking for an opportunity to relax, de-stress and ease muscular tension. The Hot Stones massage is a particular favourite of many of our team, why not ask them about it next time you are in the clinic!

Swedish massage is available as a 30 minute or 60 minute treatment – appointments can be booked online. Hot Stone Massage can only be booked by calling 01330 824040.

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