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I feel like summer has been and gone in the blink of an eye! Luckily the kids and I managed to grab some time in the sun when we could, even if just the odd day.  We had a mini “staycation” as part of a family reunion (of sorts!) in rural Kent, which was lovely.  This trip was jam packed – we visited zoos, the white cliffs of Dover and even saw a Spitfire in action!  In addition to this at the end of July I was delighted to be a bridesmaid in a very special friend’s wedding.  Archie and I also had a Mummy-Son date to the Chinese State Circus!

I am enjoying life as a family of four.  Although it is tiring sometimes, the children bring so much joy into our lives.  I enjoy being a working mummy but I do apologise if I forget things now and again!

This week is Migraine Awareness Week.  I hope you enjoy an article I put together about migraines and you are welcome to share it with any friends or family members who may benefit from the information.  The newsletter isn’t just for patients, anyone can sign up.

Banchory Chiropractic Clinic continues to do well, all thanks to you.  So if we don’t say it enough; Thank You.  You make my clinic what it is and we are here to serve you.  If you have any comments or feedback for me, please get in touch via email at info@banchorychiropractic.co.uk.



The beginning of the month saw Laura on a long overdue holiday to France, celebrating family friends’ joint 50th and 60th birthdays! It was such a lovely relaxing break, with only mild drama when we get down to the ferry and her brother realises he’d forgotten his passport – luckily it only meant a small detour to drop him off at Gatwick to wait for his passport to be sent down overnight!
Laura hit the ground running since coming back, with a hectic few weeks trying to catch up on all you lovely lot but she’s still managed to make time for a couple of lovely hacks out with the horse, who had to be reminded who she was!
Now it’s time to get some serious training in before the Banchory Beast with the rest of the Banchory Chiro team! Wish us luck!!









Clinic life has been incredibly busy last month both inside and outside clinic. I’ve had my busiest month ever inside and I have done 3 events outside clinic including the Inverurie and Westhill triathlon as well as the Ballater 10 race which has been good fun and I’ve gotten even more experience with sports injuries than what I already had. Luckily, I don’t have to work any more Sundays for a while now, but I think I will do all of these events next year as well, as I love helping out athletes. Outdoors clinic is also pretty relaxing and nice when it’s sunny as well.

I had my holiday in the end of june where we spent 10 lovely  days in Tuscany, exploring the area and architecture outside Pisa with my whole family. Lots of good food and drinks was perfect as there were a few of the days it was a little bit too warm for me and my Scandinavian genes to cope with it. As we went to pisa, we had to take silly posing pictures in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. Turns out that we were not the only ones, so we could not get a good one. We also went to Lucca and Volterra too which are two amazing Etruscan towns, both very unique.

After the holiday, we have finally managed to move to Banchory. Happy days for me as i now have a 2 min walk to the clinic. As we all know, Banchory is a lovely town with nature on its doorstep which is exactly why we moved here. Now i just need to get myself a bike, then I can be out exploring the areas everyone has recommended me to do for months now.

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