Infant Drop In

Baby Clinic is unable to run at present due to Covid-19 restrictions, however we are happy to see babies during normal clinic hours - please call the clinic on 01330 824040 to book.

This is a new concept in chiropractic and initially was a pilot. It soon became apparent that it was a good idea and can get very busy! I wanted to launch this drop-in clinic as being a mother of two I know how daunting it can be to try and get to an appointment!

A normal chiropractic appointment with a baby can be tricky – it is often interrupted when baby needs a feed, change or a cuddle. This eats into my “hands-on” time with baby. The drop-in clinic setup embraces the spontaneous and sometimes chaotic nature of life with a baby, and by doing things this way I hope to reduce any anxiety parents might have by eliminating any pressure to be here "on time".

The infant clinic has allowed me to create a teaching environment for my chiropractic colleagues to introduce them to paediatrics safely and also enables us to take part in valuable research, which improves our understanding of chiropractic’s effectiveness with infants.

How it works:

You arrive between 10-12 with your baby. You will be asked to fill in a few forms, which can take about 10 mins. Depending on how many other babies are in the queue before you, you may be seen straight away or you might have a wait. A full history will be taken in a private room. You will then be taken into a more “open plan” room, where your baby will be examined and any necessary treatment will happen there, by Felicity or Anders. If it is a repeat visit, you go straight into the open-plan room to wait for the chiropractor to see you. This room is a large studio with other parents and babies in similar situations. There are mats and toys, set up similarly to a baby group.

A few important points:

  • Should you wish to use the drop-in clinic, I ask that you agree to have pictures or videos taken of your infant for teaching purposes. Should you change your mind at any time just let us know and we will destroy any images. Every possible effort will be made to keep images anonymous.
  • I also ask that you participate in national chiropractic research. All this means is that you fill in an online form on one of our clinic Ipads on your first visit and your 4th or last visit, whichever comes first.
  • Because of all of these reasons stated above, and most of all because I LOVE working with babies, I decided to discount my rates for this service. Each visit will be £30 regardless of whether it is your first session or not. This is a huge reduction in my normal fee, and even more so because there will be 2 chiropractors. I'm so passionate about trying to improve the lives of babies and new parents and learn as much as I can, that I'm happy to do this.

There are a wide variety of reasons that parents bring their babies into the infant drop-in clinic. If you aren’t sure whether we might be able to help or not, you’re welcome to get in touch via phone or email.

There isn't an age cut off as such but I can't accept babies who are mobile, as logistically it would be too difficult especially with non-mobile babies in the same room.

No need to call and book, just turn up!