Lower Back Repair Class


We have developed an excellent reputation for reducing and even eliminating lower back complaints with many of our patients. However we are continually striving for better results and we think we have found something that will improve our patient outcomes even further.

Research has repeatedly shown that for our treatment to work most effectively, it must incorporate an exercise plan.   For many patients our treatment is enough, but here at Banchory Spinal Health, good enough is not good enough.  We are aiming for clinical excellence.

Now we have our own custom built space for such classes, we felt it was important to offer this service to our patients. Our goal is to get you well and make sure that you stay well. We have spent a lot of time developing these exercises, and as your chiropractor knows your history and ability, there are no concerns regarding the safety of the routine. The chiropractor can watch you performing each exercise and ensure you are doing it safely and effectively.  As we know the history of your particular problem, we can tailor each exercise to your needs so that you know you are getting the most out of them.

The value of this setup lies in the extra time you get with the chiropractor. The class is 45 minutes, and is limited to a maximum of 6 patients. You will be given a copy of the routine to take home so that you can continue the exercises in your own time, having been shown precisely how to perform them safely. Once you have attended one class you do not have to attend every week unless you want to.  All new patients will be encouraged to attend.

Participating in these exercises will significantly enhance your chiropractic treatment. We appreciate not everyone wishes to be proactive in their approach to solving their problems but we also know that most of you do. For that reason we decided that we wanted to dedicate some extra time to rehabilitation to further reduce or even eliminate your problem for good.

All patients will benefit from this class, no matter your complaint or age, but it is targeted at lower body complaints such as lumbar/disc/SI/pelvic problems and sciatica. We are in the process of developing upper body classes too.

It is on WEDNESDAYS at 10am – 10:45am  . It costs £10 per person. This includes the exercise sequence in a booklet for you to perform at home. You MUST book in advance for this class, either by phone or by asking your chiropractor at your visit. Failing to book might result in disappointment as there is only space for 8 patients each week.  It is also important for us to know you are coming ahead of time so we can familiarise ourselves with your notes and clinical condition, so that we can offer you the best service.


Call 01330 824040 or talk to your chiropractor to book your place and take the next step to freedom from back pain!