Tracy McIntosh


Tracy has moved to Aberdeenshire from California, having owned her own practice there. She qualified as a chiropractor in 2001 and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

Tracy Mcintosh

Tracy started out life training to be a teacher, but a spell of back pain in college that resulted in a visit to a chiropractor lead to the revelation that the treatment for her back also helped with the headaches and migraines she had suffered for most of her life. This inspired Tracy to switch paths and she qualified as a chiropractor in 2001, with the goal of helping people with their health and wellbeing to improve their quality of life.

Originally from California, this is not the first time Tracy has worked in the UK; she spent between 2004 and 2005 working with Terry Chimes in his clinic down in Essex, and has regularly visited Scotland due to family connections! She has always been eager to return and with her twin sons now at university in the States, she has been able to fulfil this dream and we are delighted to have her here in Banchory!

In addition to a passion for health and wellness, Tracy is qualified in the Activator Methods having taken a keen interest in the way the use of this can benefit many of her patients, and she is furthering her knowledge in paediatrics thanks to being able to shadow Felicity and Anders closely here at our Infant Drop-In clinic.

When she’s not working, Tracy enjoys wakeboarding and snowboarding, and is excited to explore more of Aberdeenshire as well as further afield