What to do about Knee Pain?

What to do about Knee Pain (68 × 32 in) (2240 × 1260 px)

Now that is a question that many of our patients at the clinic seek to find the answer to!

Knee Pain makes daily tasks such as standing, walking and even sitting seem like such a chore due to the pain that it causes as well as running and other physical sports.

Here to tell us all about how to manage your Knee pain is our wonderful Massage Therapist, Gordon.

The most important thing to follow when experiencing knee pain is the RICE protocol.

R – Rest

I – Ice

C – Compress

E – Elevate

These steps will help for chronic Knee pain, however if your pain continues for more than 48 hours it is important to speak to one of our Chiropractors/Osteopaths who will provide the appropriate advice. This can be done by requesting our free telephone consultation.