How Long Are Our Appointments?


Suann is one of our awesome chiropractors here at Banchory Spinal Health. She is here to answer a commonly asked question – how long are our appointments?

Everyone is Different

It is important to note that at Banchory Spinal Health, we tailor our treatment times and plans to each individual, however, we like to do things as efficiently as possible!

Your first visit (Initial Consultation)

This visit is 30mins long. It is here that we learn all about you and your complaint, and do a thorough physical examination to get to the bottom of what’s wrong. We also assess your posture with state of the art posture assessing software.

Your second visit (Report of Findings)

This is where we get a chance to fully discuss what we have found at your Initial Consultation. At this appointment, we will explain:
• What we can do • How much it will cost • How long it will take before you will begin to feel better • What the treatment involves • Anything you can do yourself to enhance your recovery

You have the opportunity to ask questions during this appointment before we begin any treatment. We will begin treatment at this session if you wish to do so!

Follow Up Visits

Each follow up treatment appointment is about 15 minutes, sometimes longer if needed. However, expect to be in the clinic about 20mins overall (sometimes more if you fancy a chat with our front desk!)
We have a longer appointment at the 6th visit which is called your Review Appointment – here we cover how you are and we compare measurable outcomes to be sure we are on the right track.

If you need extra work done on your tight muscles we will recommend you see our experienced massage therapists, these appointments are either 30 or 60 mins.
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