What does an Orthotics Consultant Do?

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The first in a series of three videos, Banchory Spinal Health’s Sports Massage Therapist and Orthotics Consultant Eddy answers the question “What does an Orthotics Consultant Do?”

Banchory Spinal Health introduced a custom orthotics service in September 2020 to enable us to further enhance our services in helping our local community to achieving optimal health.

Eddy has lead the introduction of custom orthotics within the clinic and we are delighted to share his videos that explain a little more about orthotics.

What does an Orthotics Consultant Do?

An Orthotics Consultant assesses the foot and lower limb to establish whether an orthotic could help the patient improve the way in which they walk or move.

Orthotics can restore the correct position of the foot to optimise biomechanical function and performance.

In cases where a patient might have pain or discomfort then an Orthotics Consultant will seek to diagnose the cause of this and explain whether an orthotic can help with the condition.

At Banchory Spinal Health Eddy performs a number of assessments with the patient before taking a scan of the foot in order to prescribe an orthotic. We work with FootHealth who create completely bespoke orthotics, shoes and sandals for patients, tailored to the patient’s exact needs using state of the art technology.

If you would like to arrange a consultation with Eddy, appointments can be booked online via our website or by calling the clinic on 01330 824040.


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